Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Jacks back...

Did some work on "Jack" tonight, just a little on the water, some of the skin tones under the water etc. I've tried blending the brushmarks here to give it a watery feel and and some interesting contrast with the stronger brushmarks I'll put on the rest on the picture...also started splodging in some colours on the bubbles...they're going to be a major challenge...:)


SueC said...

First chard...and now certainly know how to work yourself hard ;-]

The colours are starting to come together though...looking forward to seeing the next installment progress.

Unknown said...

You’re quite right about the chard and bubbles, I’m must be mad…still, you only get out, what you put in…as they say…:)

Hopefully next week I’ll get a few more sessions in and we’ll see some more progress :)

MissT said...

I do like the flesh tones under the water, but I wonder whether they might be a bit of defraction? Or am I being too realist?

Also looking forward to the bubbles, but I quite like they way they look like menacing ice bergs at the moment.

And my Ma wants to know where you got the hippo nail brush.