Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Second Print

OK, the top image shows the lino block marked up ready for the second cut. The second image is the print once that cut was'll have to squint a bit to see the difference between the grey and the green...I probably should have made the grey lighter to start with...but you live and learn... Anyway, I think everything will workout in the end as the dark green and black that need to go on next, should hold it all together. The final image is a design for the next block, a more interesting design this time I think...I'll try and do a few flowers to make a little set of cards and then try a some different subjects...and possibly some larger images to sell as straight prints.


MissT said...

The colour difference is on the subtle side - but hey, there's nothing wrong with subtle (I just don't happen to be good at it).

Are you planning flower cards because you think they'll sell? Or has some SueC magic rubbed off on you? 8-)

Unknown said...

It’s a bit too subtle I think Miss T…but I don’t think it’ll spoil the final effect…just use up more ink/time than I might have got away with ;)

Flowers seem like a popular subject for cards, and the appeal of putting together some cards (and prints in general) is to get a range of things I could sell at different price points…possibly with a view to generating a small sustainable income at some point in the future…( a la the magical Miss C…)

They also seem like a nice way to learn how to do this Lino cutting malarkey :)