Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Just like a bus, nothing for ages and then 3 come along...

Also meant to post this the other day, have been playing around with the colours for this lino/painting. This is where I'm at so far. Needs a little more thought and the outlines will obviously be much stronger when printed, but you get the general idea of where it's going...


And here are the (still wet) bubbles I should have posted a few days ago. They'll need glazing to get shadows in the right places and generally knock them back a bit, but the overall texture works pretty well, so once they're dry I'll continue with them.

Monday, 9 July 2007

Experiment Number 1

Have been experimenting tonight with ways of taking the lino style designs into larger paints. Specifically how I might deal with the texture of the "blocks" of colour in a painting. This is the result of that...not a particularly thrilling work of art, but I feel like I'm on an interesting path...I'm going to experiment further with a stronger design and clearer colour "blocks", then I want to work more distinct patterns and textures into those blocks...So, water might be blue, but if you look at it closely you'd see a wave pattern...etc...anyway, I'll explain more fully when I'm awake ;)