Friday, 30 July 2010

Stage 2...

Here’s todays progress. I’ve cut into all the copper, added the gold and then cut into that. Tomorrow I’ll start on the painting. I’ve got some nice lines appearing from the leaf, so, so far, so good :) too many SO’s in there, but I’ve had a beer…LOVELY seeing some of you readers tonight :)

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Cycles stage 1…

Well a very cultural day today, went to see some Shakespeare this evening and have been working on these small pictures all day. I’ve done all the drawing and added the first layer of leaf, in this instance copper. I’ve started cutting into the one on the left, just a little left to do on that in the morning. Once all three have been cut I’ll add the next layer of leaf, which will be gold, that’ll then need cutting and then the painting can begin… :)

Friday, 23 July 2010

The Tree That We Walk Past

This is the second gold and oil painting “The tree that we walk past”…or one man and his dog if you prefer ;). A windy day and a road well travelled. I’m really pleased with the way these are turning out and the response of people that have seen them has been really positive, so hopefully I’m going in a good direction. :) Need to made some more supports tomorrow.
On another note, It looks like I’ll be teaching some “Introduction to lino cutting” classes in September, October, November…more details to follow :)

Modelling day

One of the best things about getting the studio is I now have space to get some models in and set up some lighting and props etc. So yesterday my son Jack and some of his friends came over for a few hours and we experimented with a few ideas from my sketch book. They were all fantastic, so many thanks to Jack I, Jack II, Mary and Caroline. Over the next couple of weeks you should start to see the first paintings from this session appear, all I need to do now is paint them as well as they modelled for them :)

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Cornish Crows

This is experiment number two, or “Cornish Crows” as it’s now called. Oil paint and gold leaf on board, using a combination of painting, smearing, scraping and carving! I’m currently working on another one like this but introducing some simple figures into the scene. I’ve been trying to merge what I do with the watercolours and lino with my more traditional oil painting style…I think I may have finally found the way to do that…:)

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Room two...

Gallery room is pretty much done now, walls painted, hole in floor fixed, paintings on the walls. Have also got lights up in the Studio room, lovely and bright, might need to get new sunglasses. Have Jack and his school chums coming over this Thursday to do some modelling for me. Second experiment went very well so have started on third which builds upon it. Both are oil over gold leaf. I’ll post some photos of those later in the week and perhaps a few sketches from the modelling session…busy :)

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Doves over Eynsham 01

This is the first experiment from the studio, its acrylic and pencil on gesso board, I’ve sanded it back at various stages to build texture, added more gesso, drawn again and sanded again…generally I’ve had a good play :) I’ve built two more of these boards to experiment with…

Studio room finished...pretty much...

Finally back online after my PC died a horrible death…a shiny new laptop in front of me now…to hell with the expense ;)
Here’s a quick snap of the main studio room in the workshop, all the decorating and bench building is finished and I’ve managed to move all my stuff in…I never realised just how much I’d been able to squirrel away in the cottage, as I started moving things out I just kept finding more and more…I shouldn’t run out of supplies for a while anyway :)
I should get the gallery room painted over the next week or so, I’m not planning on doing anything fancy in there initially, just painting the walls, putting up some curtains and hanging some paintings, so it should all be pretty straightforward.
I’ve started a little experimental painting this week, an extension on what I was doing with the watercolours, but using mixed media…something new for me…I’ll post some of that over the weekend :)