Thursday, 27 November 2008

Oh dear...

I’ve been sat in the Bartholomew Rooms today, invigilating in the current art exhibition…very quiet…I was going to take in some paints and work on my next swirling watercolour, but there’s a limited amount of table space and I couldn’t be bother to take in all the bits I needed. So, again inspired by Lorna, I decided to take in a pencil, paper and a small mirror and have a go at a self portrait…how very out of practice I am lol. This makes me look like my grandmother…and lovely as she is, I’m not sure it’s a look I want to cultivate. However it was a fun exercise for a few hours :)…swirling watercolours tomorrow though I think :)

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Just up the road from Lornas picture...

Well another long gap between pictures…better late than never… I’ve always done things at glacially slow speed…but I usually get there in the end…stick with me :)

Anyway, this is the third new Eynsham one, so I’ve got a full set for the autumn exhibition in the Bartholomew Rooms 22nd -30th November.

Alas the Woodstock painting didn’t win any prizes, but it did get sold…twice…which was quite impressive for an exhibition where it wasn’t actually for sale…so I must be doing something right…I guess there’s hope for me yet…?