Saturday, 19 July 2008

More work in progress

Birthday parties, allotment digging and visits to Art In Action all out of the way today, so I did some painting :) Tiger and 'man in box' shapes in. Need to do a bit on the box and the background and then I can start building up the paint.


SueC said...

This painting gets more intriguing every time I look!

Unknown said...

Have been in London today, dropping off a painting for the RWS/Sunday Times watercolour competition, so no work on this one today, hope to get some more intriguing elements in later in the week however :)

ian gordon said...

There's a really strong sense of depth in this, that I didn't quite get at first.

In the sketch I thought I was looking along a floor at someone in a box. I now I really see I'm looking down. It works really well; and quite an achievement in so few colours.

Unknown said...

Hi Ian, You’ve made a very interesting comment there…in my original design you were looking along the floor, there were going to be buildings in the background, which would have defined that viewpoint. But as the figures developed I decided to have the Tiger fill the background and when painting him in, I wasn’t at all bothered about the viewpoint, I’ve simply been focusing on ‘distorting’ him to fill the space in an overbearing, but hopefully, interesting fashion…and, as you see a lot of his back, it’s natural to assume you’re looking down…The Ape and the Rhino being side on still give you the original viewpoint…and the figure in the box could be anything :) …So there is no fixed viewpoint…which is something I did a little in ‘Golden Key’ painting, but, subconsciously has developed further here…this is what I love about painting…not knowing where I’m going…very exciting :)…I think ‘ controlled chaos’ will be my new motto :)

Getting depth into the picture is something I want to achieve and the panelling on the box (when it gets painted in) and the final tone and shading will, I hope, define this…So I’m really pleased you’re getting a sense of that already at this early stage…shame it’s so late, I feel like sloshing some paint on now…still, ‘paid’ work tomorrow, so I’d better get some kip :)