Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Vote now!

I need to do a couple of pictures for an exhibition at the Farmoor reservoir taking place during Artweek this year. So tonight I’ve been doing a few sketches.

I probably won’t turn them all into paintings in the time I’ve got, so I thought I’d get you all to vote on which one(s) you’d most like to see…when I finally sit down to paint, I’ll see which one is the most popular at that point and paint it…so get voting…unlike ITV, this won’t cost you a penny…;)

1. a single yacht sailing by an interesting looking observation tower

2. a group of three yachts

3. a yacht hiding behind some observation sheds

4. three small yachts under a big sky


Mike Philbin said...

I like the composition of (1) and the boats of (2) - if they were merged (with a higher perspective factor) then I'd vote for that one.

My vote is for the (1)/(2) amalgam, in dentist speak.


Unknown said...

there's always one...;)

Lorna said...

The tower (1) is the "one" for me.
I find that sailors like the ones showing boats the best.

MissT said...

I hate to go along with the herd but I like (1) best too. Mostly becuase it's a bit different from the usual boat picture. I'm always a sucker for a bit of industrial architecture anyway.

Unknown said...

So I just need to decide if I’m going for the little boat in the distance or bring it to the fore as per mikes suggestion…

SueC said...

May I add my penneth??

Agree about (1) but I'd like to see it on a portrait canvas (like 4) rather than landscape....does that make sense??

Unknown said...

it does make sense Sue. I shall play around with "number 1" a bit this evening...hopefully :)