Sunday, 15 April 2007


Did a bit of work on the still life this afternoon...spent AGES trying to get the apples right...Quite happy with the ones at the bottom of the picture, so starting to work into the chard leaves now.

Also played around with the portraits of Neil, Steve and Ant last night. I think I might have got them all working as one image again. Plus came up with some surreal elements to pull things together and add more interest...I'll try and get a bit more work done on that this week and see if I can get a sketch posted....Off for beer now :)


SueC said...

Do you realise that you have mentioned 'beer' in your last two posts?? :-) :-)

Clearly inspiration.

I really think you have 'got' the apples in this painting. Its looking very striking and I really like the style.....Picking up from Miss T's earlier comments though, will you have enough time to finish it for artweeks? After only have 4 weeks left....;-) :-)

Lorna said...

I have written in your links to my blogs ... at last!
The apples are good but look uneatable?!

Unknown said...

Lol, doesn’t have to be beer…any kind of alcohol will do ;)

I’m certainly going for a bold look in this picture, it’s all a bit of an experiment, I know what Lorna means about the apples being uneatable, I haven’t nailed them yet…I spent about 4 hours working on them the other day…I was wrestling with the transition from colour to colour, while holding a brushstroke (a la Freud)…I’ve got one of his books open as I’m painting the apples and TRYING to workout how he does it…haven’t worked it out yet :)

If I can sober up enough I should be able to get it done in time for Artweeks…;)