Friday, 28 March 2008

Where is Morph I hear you ask...

Trying something new today…I’ve videoed this painting as its developed…Hopefully you’ll be able to play it back (not sure about you Mac people…let me know ;)) anyway, this is about 3 hours work compressed into 3 minutes…surprising how little of that time the brush is actually on the paper, lots of drying time, a bit of drawing and masking time…then general tea drinking and dancing around the place…luckily you can’t see that :)

I think this works MUCH better than the live TV concept, which was…

a: DULL.

b: didn’t work very well.

c: Distracting from my point of view

So I’ll try and improve the framing, lighting, general quality and keep doing things in this format from now on :)

As for the picture itself, I thought I’d do a small series of Blenheim Palace watercolours. Took a few photos there yesterday as the weather was so nice…though strangely I ended up doing this painting with a very grey sky…am enjoying being MUCH less ridged with my photographic source material, not something I’ve naturally done in the passed, but a lot of fun once you get into it…Anyway, I think I’ll put this into the Oxford Art Society exhibition at Woodstock Museum, hopefully it’ll be selected :)

And finally…One of the Lake District paintings is on show as part of Oxfringe next week, see their website for further details. :)

Well that’s it for today…nearly beer time :)


SueC said...

Much more sensible an idea :-)

Unknown said...

It’s certainly a little more interesting to look at played at this speed…though it does have the side effect of making me want to run around in a Goodies/Benny Hill style ;)

MissT said...

I do like this painting - and my Mum does too :-). Esp the white lines.

Unknown said...

Well you and your mum can always have a discount if you see anything you’d like to buy ;) …will hopefully do another in this Blenheim series this weekend :)