Friday, 12 September 2008

Llyn Llydaw - The Miners' Track - Snowdonia

Allotmenting yesterday, but pulled my finger out and painted today...(after painting the raised bed I built yesterday...but that wasn't my best work, so I won't bother blogging it :)) ... This is Llyn Llydaw, one of the lakes on the Miners track on the way up Snowdon. Initially I'd drawn the mountains in the background, but I decided to extend them up a bit and do away with the sky altogether...I think this maybe the first time I've painted a landscape without a sky...anyway I liked the way the light hit the hills and wanted a darker up went the mountains :)...I've actually painted them in a slightly different way...laying on lots of colour and then lifting off the markings on the cliff. I'm quite pleased with the way thats worked out, the slight blur gives a sense of depth and adds a nice contrast to the sharp lines of the masking fluid...all in all, not too bad :)

A quick update on the oil experiment...oil is still wet...I may have to rethink this ;)


SueC said...

The light effects are intriging and original. Very brooding. :-)I think you should explore further and do a series of this type. The colours are very magical.

Unknown said...

Ty :) it is a bit more brooding then the ‘lollypop’ tree ones isn’t it…hopefully they all go together well though :) lots of happy accidents on the water in particular…I’ll certainly do some more of these brooding welsh mountains :)