Monday, 22 December 2008

Three Fennel on Stone

Finally finished the Fennel…I want to get back into using oil for a few paintings next year, so thought I’d get a bit of practice on this…it’s been ages since I used oil and the first couple of hours were…interesting…:)

I know a few of you find this one VERY boring, but I think it’s been a very useful exercise…I’ve been focusing on the swirly watercolours this year, so this kind of tight accurate(ish) oil is a big contrast…much more like the work I was doing before the swirls…somewhere in the back of my mind is the feeling that I can somehow fuse the two…I’m not quite sure how yet…but that will form part of what I do in 2009…:)

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…Hope Santa brings you all you desire…X


SueC said...

This has come out very well after all (and I was in the anti-vegetable as subject matter camp too).lol. Maybe next christmas you can do still life with brussel sprouts (snicker). Seriously, its photographic in quality and actually rather sweet. Merry Christmas :-)

MissT said...

This is technically very good - and yes, despite my tasing I can see the point of the exercise.

Maybe I'm just not clever enough to suss out the deep, inner meaning.

Still, it's far better than anything I could my card demonstrated.

Unknown said...

Thank you both :)…a still life of sprouts?….hmmm well I guess that might be an interesting challenge of sorts…;)…I thought of the fennel as a rather sophisticated, artistic looking vegetable that might appeal to the buyer of still life paintings…I’m not entirely sure sprouts have quite the same cachet ;)…but you never know…just remember if I start paint one, it was your idea, so don’t complain ;)