Thursday, 12 November 2009

Pears everywhere...

Well not quite the constant stream of posts I’d planned on today, took me a while to get starting and once things were finally progressing, I didn’t want to keep stopping to blog…so I just got on and painted…which is what I should be doing anyway :)

Started by glazing the original ‘pear on shelf painting’, you can’t really tell from this photo, but it’s got a lot more depth and life in the pear now, only took 10 minutes to do, but it’s really made a difference.

Then moved onto the three floating pears, did the underpainting on the pears as I developed the stone shelves then I’ve gazed a little colour over the pears to create the shadow colours (hence the pears look very dark here). Will let that dry over night and then start building up the forms and highlights properly.

I really like the floating element in these, it feels like they’re developing a very magical ingredient. :) Anyway, enough rabbiting on, off to do some work on the linocut.


ian gordon said...

"I didn’t want to keep stopping to blog"...

I understand that one all too well. Worse is Twitter. What a total waste of time that one ends up being.

Really like these Pair paintings. I've never "glazed" oil paint like that before, which is where I think I've always gone "wrong". However, for all the pieces I'm currently working on, I have my new glazing medium at hand. looking forward to it.

Note: The Word Verification for this comment was "paries". Almost an anagram... It must be an omen.

Unknown said...

Lol I've managed to avoid Twitter...haven't actually blog much lately either, working on a couple of Christmas things which will have to remain hidden for now...I have started drawing up some more pear paintings however (Pears in pairs and threes), need to get a little more done on those and then I'll get a photo of those up here.:)