Saturday, 16 January 2010

The Girl Who Could Read Flowers - first block

Here’s the next lino design. It’s called “The girl who could read flowers”. I drew the original design for this way back in 2007 and it got put to one side because of the number of colours I was going to need to print. I’ve reworked it a little and think I can get the effect I want in 5 prints so I’ve transferred the design onto a new block and it’s a now all ready to be carved.


Lorna said...

I think the flowers here look more like a cauliflower but as always look forward to watching the development of your work. Good work.

Unknown said...

I know what you mean about the cauliflower look, but hopefully it’ll become more tulip (ish) when it’s coloured in. As with the wolves in the last print, I don’t what them to look too ‘real’ it doesn’t want to be a specific flower, I want it to represent all flowers…including cauliflowers lol ;)