Saturday, 10 July 2010

Studio room finished...pretty much...

Finally back online after my PC died a horrible death…a shiny new laptop in front of me now…to hell with the expense ;)
Here’s a quick snap of the main studio room in the workshop, all the decorating and bench building is finished and I’ve managed to move all my stuff in…I never realised just how much I’d been able to squirrel away in the cottage, as I started moving things out I just kept finding more and more…I shouldn’t run out of supplies for a while anyway :)
I should get the gallery room painted over the next week or so, I’m not planning on doing anything fancy in there initially, just painting the walls, putting up some curtains and hanging some paintings, so it should all be pretty straightforward.
I’ve started a little experimental painting this week, an extension on what I was doing with the watercolours, but using mixed media…something new for me…I’ll post some of that over the weekend :)


JuliaB said...

It's lovely Graham! you lucky devil. x

Unknown said...

Thanks very much Julia :) I’ll have to get you and Mr Marmalade over there to do some modelling for me :)