Saturday, 28 May 2011

Artweeks 2011 draws to a close, next stop Meller in August...

Well Artweeks comes to an end on Monday (If you haven’t been over yet, I’m open tomorrow 1-6 & Monday 12-6 ;)) Things have gone very well, lots of visitors, good sales & some excellent feedback on the paintings, particularly the latest pieces, which is great, all in all a very productive month :) If you’re one of the people who came over and inquired about the latest paintings which I said would be going to the Meller Gallery in June, they’ll now be going in August, but they’ll be more of them (keep looking in here to see the extra additions) I’ll post when I know the exact date and which of their galleries they’ll be in (Oxford, Witney or both).

As you can see from the photo I’ve started on the latest piece ‘In Dreams You’re Mine – I’ and primed several canvases ready for the August Meller show paintings…Lots of work to do :)

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