Friday, 25 January 2008

Another week...another reflection picture...Number 4

Here’s another one, I’ve tried to get the colours a little more intense in this, while the composition didn’t rely on a single photo…which is how I’ve done the others…another small, but interesting step :)


MissT said...

This is fun...very interesting watching this develop.

I noticed that you're shaps are become more abstract. is this intentional?

Unknown said...

Hi Miss T, the shapes are indeed becoming more abstract...I think as I’m doing several quite similar images, I’m finding I can get freer and freer with them…the shapes of the trees etc get pushed a little further with each subsequent painting…todays, (No 5) which I’ll blog later has gone further still…developing ideas over a number of images is certainly something I need to do more of…this has been a very valuable exercise and I’m really pleased with the end results :)