Saturday, 16 February 2008

Christ Church

Well I don’t think I’m going to get much experimenting done today as it’s 3 in the afternoon and I still have a hangover…I really must stop drinking out of wet glasses…have managed to take the masking fluid off this one, so here’s the final thing…overall it’s okay… I played around with the perspective as I was drawing it and I don’t think that’s worked out very well…the perspective just looks wrong in places rather than interesting and dynamic, which was what I was aiming for. And while some of the masking fluid lines on the buildings work, generally I think the buildings are too ‘normal’. I need to experiment with more abstraction…still, I think it’s more successful than previous building paintings, so a step in the right direction:)…well that’s enough from me, time to go lie down again :)


MissT said...

I like what you're trying to do with this - especially the oval shapes.

What sort of abstraction do you have in mind for the buildings?

Unknown said...

Ah well that’s the million dollar question :) Plants, hills, sea etc are relatively easy to abstract in this style, because if the proportions don’t match the real world it doesn’t really matter…you just get a bigger tree or whatever…but with a building either the proportions need to be correct…or you need to push things off into a very odd direction…just not exactly sure where that direction should be…:)…yet :)

SueC said...

Over 10 days and nothing to show for it...c'mon G..pull your finger out ;-) [tapping foot impatiently]

Isn't time you posted some more fruit and veg???

Unknown said...

Fingers are all wiggling don’t worry Sue…have JUST got back from shopping for still life props in fact! Have got some stone slabs, some kurb set stone things, some Hessian bags and three fennel blubs!!!….stay tuned, something will be posted over the next day or two :)