Sunday, 22 June 2008

Golden Key - Finished

Came down with a bout of man flu this weekend, so didn’t get much painting done, however I’ve finished this one off today. I’ll put it in the Eynsham Art Group Summer Exhibition 5th – 13th July, should you want to go see it…or better still, go and buy it ;)

I’m really pleased with the way it’s turned out. As with the watercolours, I think the techniques I’ve used here are giving me an interesting, unique vein to explore further…will get another canvas gesso’d up this week ready to go…:)

(Have attached a couple of close-ups for anyone that wants to view the mysterious lines in more detail ;))


Lorna said...

Look forward to seeing it!

ian gordon said...

I know what you mean about the lines. A bit like working with oil pastel on black paper, putting in the shapes and leaving the paper to provide the outline. It builds in a little "variable" that is nice to see happen when working.

(I think that's what you mean!)

Unknown said...

That’s exactly what I mean Ian and it’s the little ‘variable’ that I’m really interested in…I want to try and get the picture working on several levels…

The initial impact of the picture… which is mainly composition and colour.

The subject matter… I want viewers to be drawn into a story within the paintings

The style of the painting…I want to use techniques and rhythms which excite the viewer, which show painting to be the wonderful, expressive art form it can be…and ideally, I want this style to be as unique to me as possible…I want to go somewhere no one else has gone before…(which really is the hardest part :))

SueC said...

I think a series of these, perhaps all narrative, would look splendid as a collection and I hope you paint some more. I love the colours and I know for sure this one will stand out from the walls at the exhibition next week :-)I just hope mine isn't hung next to it !! (jealous sniff) :-)

Unknown said...

There certainly will be a series…several actually, but more of that later…I’ve been wanting to get a time viable method for depicting my allegorical ideas and this is the direction I’m planning on going in with them :) I love doing the big life like oils…but I just can’t justify the time…I feel an urgency to move forward…to get the ideas out there…to tell some stories …I’m really rambling today, a combination of too much coffee and being very bored with what I’m currently doing…still, will be painting on Friday :)…well that’s my 12 minute lunch break over, back to the salt mill :)