Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Postcards from the edge...Part 1

Well, it's been a long time since the last post as I've been away on my holidays...lovely weather...;) Anyway, while I was away I had a play with some watercolour postcards. Quick sketches done with a little brush that you fill with water, so all very easy to pop in your pocket and capture something quickly (thanks to Lorna for the idea :)).

I'd have to say I didn't really enjoy doing these first ones, I hadn't done any watercolours for a couple of months and the combination of brush and scale really didn't get things flowing. But they were a good way of getting things started, I did a couple of full size paintings (which i'll post soon) and they turned out ok.

...Blogger doesn't seem to want to let me post millions of pics at once, so I'll split this post up...:)


ian gordon said...

I find water colour a real challenge, and one I'm not up to. Maybe because I have a kind of graphic edge to my approach, which suits acrylics & inks a little better. (This can be especially frustrating because the first paintings I ever saw in my life would have been my Great Grandfather's water colours: William Catto, who I'm told enjoyed a good reputation around the Aberdeen area.

The close ups of the raindrops are my favourites here. Anyone living in England this "summer" can empathise with them! They'd make good large canvases.

Unknown said...

Hi Ian

I never used to like watercolours, they can be very unforgiving if you make a mistake and if you tighten up while painting (as I’ve done on these landscape postcards) it really shows and the finished pictures look dead.

But if things are flowing well they can take on a life of their own. I’ve found I’m becoming increasingly animated as I progress with the larger landscapes, almost dancing around as I make brushstrokes, flicking paint on with a rather carefree abandon…(might be the wine ;))… I certainly think the better finished paintings are the ones where I’ve been working like this…letting the accidents happen and working with them to create a finished image :)