Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Postcards from the edge...Part 2

previous post continued...:)

...However, having created these little pictures I wasn't wildly keen on I started thinking about what might work on such a small scale. Inspired by the weather I started doing these bolder pictures of views through the rain covered windows. For these I used normal brushes and masking fluid, as with the larger paintings, but they were still very quick to do...lots of splashing water around and making a mess everywhere...I know Sue will be very pleased to hear that ;) The first ones were actual views through the window, but I ended up just sloshing the paint on to do the later ones, I enjoyed the effect I was getting, so I just kept going :)


Lorna said...

These are very interesting. I get an immediate aesthetic response to the abstraction of the shapes and colours ... ie "Coo! These are good!"

I like to paint big but find using the postcards forces me not to get bogged down in detail. It is, also, the best way to send postcards home. Thank you for mine. It was the first 'Artist Card' I have ever received.

Unknown said...

Hi Lorna,

Thanks very much :) Glad you liked the card, I’ll certainly do some more next time I’m away :)