Friday, 12 June 2009

View from The Talbot Inn - Part 1

I’ve drawn this very faintly with a 2H pencil, so the drawings not that clear when photographed, but I thought I’d blog it anyway. It’s a view from the decking at the Talbot Inn in Eynsham.

Following on from the last painting of the Square and some discussions in the pub with Lorna and Susan, I’m pushing the perspective quite a bit further in this one. It’s taken the best part of a day to get it all worked out…it’s SO much easier doing something realistic lol…as soon as you pull the angles around in one area you need to balance them elsewhere…lots of rubbing out and refining things but I’m finally happy with the layout…need to add about a gallon of masking fluid now ;)


Lorna said...

I have had a good peer at the drawing and it is looking good. Drawing from a pub is always nicer.

Unknown said...

There are several advantages to drawing from a pub ;)