Thursday, 18 June 2009

View from The Talbot Inn - Part 2

A bit of work in progress today, I’ve got the masking fluid on and am just starting to apply some colour. I’ll work over the whole image like this, adding the basic colours and some texture and lines. Then I’ll do a ‘final’ pass, intensifying some colours, knocking some back, adding a few shadows and any extra lines and splatters as needed. Then the masking fluid comes off and depending on the look of things at that point, it’ll either be finished or I’ll work into the lines a little. Anyway, so far so good :)

On another note here’ a link to a culture show special about the summer exhibition, interesting to see what gets in…and now I know we need to look for the letter ‘D’ on the back of Susans picture to know if it did get through the first round…I’ll buy you a pint if it did ;)


Lorna said...

I want what you are on ... but am looking forward to seeing the painting. I like the feeling of freshness on these paintings.

I watched the show and enjoyed it with a tinge of sadness at not getting in.

I think the use of your painting of the square for the exhibition is an excellent choice!

Unknown said...

Lol well today I’ve mainly been on Martinis…am full of olives now ;) don’t think that influenced the swirls or colours too much though. Glad you’re liking the paintings, I’m really trying to get as much energy into them as I can. My paintings seem to be splitting into dark and light, thematically speaking…these ones obviously being the light, cheerful ones ;) not a conscious decision…just seems to have come about…I think I’m getting more of ‘me’ into both types…which is good.

The RA show was interesting, some wonderful things, some utter crap…and I like The Gossip, so enjoyed watching them at the end :)

Glad you like the exhibition poster :)

SueC said...

Enjoying the painting. Very astute choice of subject matter ;-)

Thanks for the link to the RA programme....I watched it with a mixture of envy and exasperation. I am now very curious to see whats on the back of the blue shoes on Monday. Its funny.....there is almost an inevitability of not getting in, considering the odds...but we will still be trying again next year...:-)

Unknown said...

I’d like to get this one finished and then another third new Eynsham one for the exhibition…hopefully those along with the new cards will prove popular…hopefully ;)

I know what you mean about the RA, the odds really are stacked against us…and some of the work they select is…unusual…lol…will certainly keep trying though…It would be wonderful to get in and it’s always an adventure entering :)

Unknown said...
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