Thursday, 30 July 2009

Fishing boats in Boscastle harbour - Drawing

Working on another Cornish swirling painting today. Some fishing boats in Boscastle harbour, just finished the drawing so I thought I’d do a quick post here. Boats are hard enough to draw normally, playing around with this slightly warped perspective has taken a while ;) lol…time to throw some masking fluid on…:)


SueC said...

Really hard to see in the photo....but I like the perspective. Maddy has had to been fished out of that harbour - literally. lol

Unknown said...

The drawing is quite light as it only gets painted over with watercolour, which makes it hard to see I know…have just made paper masks for the boats and painted the masking fluid on the sea…then took off the paper masks…all has to be done really quickly before the masking fluid dries…an hour to make the paper masks…2 mins to destroy them lol…still, it seems to have worked. I remember you telling me about Maddy making a break for freedom there lol…such a spirited young woman…can’t imagine where she gets that from ;)…x