Monday, 26 October 2009

In The Forest - marking up 1st lino block

I transferred the ‘In The Forest’ design onto the first lino block this evening. I’ve traced the original drawing and then rubbed that onto the block, then I’ve gone over this with a permanent marker. The combination of the rubbing and thick(ish) tip of the marker means the original sharpness of the drawing has been lost…but very thin lines and fiddly areas have also been removed (or blurred to a mess), so next I shall go over the drawing with a white chinagraph pencil to sharpen things up and fix any confusing areas…hopefully what I then have, will carve well…time will tell :)


ian gordon said...

Really interested to see how this develops as the felt tip lines give way to the blade.

You're still life below has given me an idea. I need a bit of discipline back in my routine. And setting aside a specific day or afteroon for Still Life (or similar) would do that. A bit like college!

Unknown said...

Hello Ian, yes I’m really looking forward to getting started on the carving too, I seem to be building up quiet a collection of ideas for further linocuts in my sketchbook, so I really need to get a move on…lots of ideas I want to bring to life :)

The still life day was very useful on many levels, the discipline of finishing the painting in one go probably being the most important from my point of view. The next plan is to paint several simultaneously…I need to become much quicker at producing work,which is not really something I’ve worried about before…that may have to wait until half-term is out of the way however :)