Thursday, 22 October 2009

Still Life Day - 4:00pm

One Pear on a Stone Shelf.

Okay I’m done on this for today. I may do a bit of glazing work on it in a week or so, once it’s dried a little…then again I may just leave it as it is…need to live with it for a day or two :)

I’d hoped the combination of bare canvas, exposed drawing and a bit of detailed work would give me something interesting and I think it has. With all the still live work I’ve done I’ve been trying to find a balance between the traditional and contemporary, this one feels like a good step :)


Lorna said...

I have seen the pear in the 'flesh' and it is a lovely crisp piece of work. This is the link to the American pencil artist I was speaking of-

Whilst I do not always like her work I do think her still lives are decorative.

Unknown said...

Thanks for that link Lorna, there are some excellent pieces on her site :)