Saturday, 2 October 2010

Dreams 01 - Finished

I’ve finished ‘Dreams 01’, just working over the flesh, sharpening things up, adding more contrast etc. I’m really glad I settled on keeping it grey rather than flesh coloured I don’t think it would be half as interesting if I hadn’t done it this way.
I’ve also started a new piece today of two sheep…I’ve sealed the drawing with acrylic, so you can’t really see it that clearly in a photo, so I haven’t bothered posting it yet. I’m going to paint the sheep in grey, the sky in blue and everything else in gold, so it’ll be another experiment to see how far I can push things but it feels like I’m getting close to a style I can run with now :)
Once again many thanks to Mary for posing for the ‘Dreams’ painting, and Jack and Mary for ‘Awake’ hope you like them…more to follow :)


Lorna said...

I love her expression!

Unknown said...

Thanks Lorna :)

Mary was a very natural model which made life much easier :)

Unknown said...

NJmijares likes this!

if that were mine, i would have been so tempted to glaze over the black and white parts. but that's awesome as it is!

Unknown said...

Thanks NJ :)

I was very tempted to glaze over the B&W parts, but I think I made the right choice. I want to develop a distinct, other worldly quality to the fully painted character I use in these pieces and keeping them B&W gives me an element of that. It also contrasts beautifully with the gold :)