Friday, 1 October 2010

Happy Jack - Underpainting and Gilding

I started a new piece today, ‘Happy Jack’. This one is a bit of an experiment to see how small I can paint a full figure, I want to get on and paint the more complex ‘woodland’ paintings soon and I need to keep the scale of those under control. Partly due to the time involved, but also the cost of the gold I’ll need…so the smaller I can do a figure, in some ways, the better.
I’ve done the under painting using acrylic on this as it’ll dry nice and quickly and I find it a little easier to control at this stage, I’ve also gilded the background using silver on this one. I’m leaving the slight gaps between the sheets of silver as I quite like the effect and I think/hope it’ll leave an interesting texture once I’ve painted over the top.
The gilding will need a few days to dry so I’ll try and finish the ‘Dreaming’ painting tomorrow…
As you can see the winter winds have started to blow so the fire has been lit and Bryn in making the most of it :)


REVAD david riley said...

Bryn looks very comfortable.

You don't say how big 'small' is. I am left wondering about the size of this figure?

Whatever, the size, it certainly looks very good so far!

Unknown said...

Thanks Revad :)
Bryn does appear to be very comfortable :)
The picture is 20x30 cm, so the face is a couple of cm’s…