Sunday, 7 January 2007

Initial sketch

Okay, well here's the basic design for my Jack portrait. I've taken loads of photos of all the various elements, so I'll draw up something more accurate directly on the canvas...and with any luck, get him to sit in front of me every now and then as I'm actually painting it.

I've tried dozens of different hands coming into the frame and originally was thinking of having a hand coming up out of the water, but that just looked too weird. Also the head resting on his hand was quite different from what I'd originally envisaged, but it came together nicely as he was sitting. He had quite a classical look in the light, almost Caravaggio ish...always something I'm drawn to...

I've picked up a canvas (32" x 32") so the plan for this week is to get the drawing done directly onto the canvas and start the acrylic under-painting. I use acrylic mainly to seal in the pencil marks and to paint in some rough basic tones. As it drys so fast, I can get that stage of the painting done and move onto the oil painting itself as quickly as possible.

So hopefully by next weekend I'll have a nice accurate drawing on canvas to show the world...:)


SueC said...

Wow....well done. Scary stuff sometimes to state your intentions to the world online, but it does make you stick to it. I really like the plans you have for the composition and I'm looking forward to seeing the next stages. Happy New year and here's raising a virtual glass to wish you much success in 2007.

Unknown said...

So far the pressure of committing to things online seems to be working :) Let’s hope it stays that way.

I’ve started drawing up on canvas tonight and am tightening up the overall composition as I go…I “think” the key is going to be getting lots of texture into the tiles in the background to balance the busyness with the hand and soap in the foreground…I did think about leaving out the hand to “lighten” the foreground…but I think I can make it work, so long as the tiles are strong….time will tell ;)

Have you seen that the BBC is looking for artists that are thinking of entering the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition? They did a series last year, which was very good and are doing something similar again…I’m thinking about entering a picture, but the TV’s not my kind of thing…It would however be GREAT publicity…so perhaps you could give it a go??? Details below if you fancy it :),317,AR.html

Raising a non-virtual glass to you here ;) See you soon G

Lorna said...

Shall look forward to seeing your work develop.

If you decide to try for the Summer Exhibition we have a car with a driver going up already if you would like to join us.

Unknown said...

That sounds very interesting I might well take you up on that :) We’ll have to discuss further next time we’re in the pub :)

SueC said...

OOh thanks for those links. I am definitely going to exciting. S.