Sunday, 14 January 2007

New Website

I seem to have been running around doing chores all weekend. When I finally got a moment to myself I really wasn't in the mood to paint, so I thought I'd do something with my webpage...It's been sat with nothing but a single image on the title page for months...

Anyway i've now uploaded something new, take a look if you get the time and let me know what you think. I've just setup a page for the oil paintings so far, I'll add one for watercolours and one for "lines" ie drawings and prints soon. There's also a simple link to this blog and email. So hopefully it'll be fairly simple, clear and easy to maintain.

Okay, time for a Whisky and a snooze. Back to the painting tomorrow evening.

Link to Website on the right and here


SueC said...

Very nice looking site. My english teacher always told me never to use 'nice' as it wasn't a proper word....but its in the OED so I am defying her still.

One suggestion though...perhaps a navigation back to the home page when you click through to one of your paintings??

You should consider getting your site listed here too:

Unknown said...

“Nice” is fine with me :) Anything positive in fact…

I’ve got each painting opening in a new window at the moment. So a back button might not be quite right, as the main page should still be open in your original window…but perhaps a “close this window” button might be an idea…I’ll have to look into that…

That site looks interesting and I can’t help but notice some very fine flowers…:)

Thanks for the feedback. G

P.S. The watercolour part of the website should now be up and running. Just to add a little variety ;)