Monday, 22 January 2007

Tiles...Part Three...

Didn't get anything done over the weekend largely due to a splendid hangover...still made up for it tonight (a bit) by blocking in the remaining blue tiles, adding a bit more paint on the grout and then starting to build up a little shading on the turquoise tiles.

A couple of people requested a closeup of the brushstrokes, luckily there's now a bit more to show...As I'm taking the photos late at night, the camera's not capturing the colours that well, I'll try and take a better one during daylight as soon as I get the chance.

I'll do a bit more on the tiles (1 or 2 evenings) then leave them and move onto the under painting of the flesh...Sounds gruesome, doesn't it... :)


Miss T said...

Thanks Graham. It's interesting to see the colour variation between each tile. It'll be interesting to see a 'daylight' shot.


Unknown said...

I’ll definitely try and take a daylight shot soon. The ones I’m posting are SO blue compared to the actual painting. I think it’s partly down to the artificial lighting in the room and partly the fact that all the under painting is such a strong bright orange colour…I think that’s pushing the other colours out of the cameras range…if that makes sense.