Monday, 26 February 2007

Looking very blue...

Had a good look at the picture tonight and decided I can leave any further work on the grey's not perfectly balanced and the details are missing from the fingers etc...But there's enough there to guide me with the colours over the top. So went back to the tiles, darkening the green ones. The colours in these photos are FAR too blue... the actual painting has much more green showing through.

I think I'm going to go over all the darker tiles and then work on the bubbles and water a little before moving onto the flesh...that's the current plan anyway.


SueC said...

Looking blue...but looking good also. You need to get some daylight bulbs.!! :-)

Before I had my studio I used to paint late at night in the kitchen and never saw true colour. I replaced the kitchen light bulbs with daylight ones (they actually aren't that expensive) and the difference in colour was amazing...a lot easier on the eyes too.

SueC said...


How on *earth* do you keep your easel so clean??

Mine is caked in paint.....

as are my walls...floor....ceiling

:-] :-]

Unknown said...

I’ve got a daylight bulb on the table where I mix the paint, but unfortunately the overhead lights are those little halogen ones…haven’t found a daylight version of those yet.

I don’t actually find it too much of a problem while painting. It’s only when I take a photograph and the colours come out all wrong that I notice the problem.

As for keeping things clean…It’s the constant fear of what would happen to me if I made a mess that keeps that in check ;)