Saturday, 17 February 2007

Still Life

Thought I'd get another picture on the go and liked the look of some mixed chard and apples that Sheila picked up from the market stall this morning...I played around with the composition a bit, drew it up and then sealed it all in with some more lovely orange acrylic. I've taken photos to work from as it'll all be eaten long before I finish painting it :)

I won't do any underpainting on this, the drawing and acrylic are enough of a base. So it's all ready to start sloshing some paint on. With any luck, I'll get this and a couple of other pictures done in time for it occurs to me currently I don't have anything new for that...


Mike Philbin said...

I should never have started reading your art blog, I'm totally snagged now.

the hook is in deep and I can hear the reel click-clackin'.


Unknown said...

Well you know where to find me if you want to buy anything ;)