Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Holiday painting 01 - Harlech

This is the first of two larger paintings i did while away, a view of some tumbled down walls over Harlech in North Wales (for anyone that knows the area, the castle would be directly ahead behind the trees and lower down :) the hills in the background are Criccieth and Porthmadog...:)

Broadly speaking, I've been trying to use three variations of mark making in these's a habit that's been forming as I've been doing the case of the masking fluid, there are the outlines (done with a knife or masking fluid bottle), the brushstrokes (done with...yes you've guessed it...a brush...;) ) and a bit of splatter (with an old toothbrush)...I've really enjoyed having this mix of effects and trying to balance's certainly something i plan on continuing to explore :)


Lorna said...

I like the vigour of the mark making.

ian gordon said...

Wow. Really effectice when viewed full screen.

Great to see a "personal vision" like this.

Unknown said...

Thank you both.

I really feel I’m going in the right direction with these, creating something new…and they’re really good fun to paint :) …there’s a lot of energy involved in the process, which I hope is starting to show in the final pieces